Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Advance Copy!!

I totally freaked out the mail guy downstairs by shrieking loudly when I realized that my very first copy of Screw Cupid was about to be in my hands. This is an insanely surreal moment - I can't believe I'm holding a copy of the project I've worked on for the last three years. And it looks amazing! So rad.

My friend Yvonne has pointed out to me and would like it known that you can see my shoe in this picture. We (my boyfriend and I) had just finished the two day drive and big move to Seattle from Los Angeles (hence the running shoes), and were giddy with excitement about starting the next chapter of life. For me - this includes being a full-time writer. What better way to commemorate than having the first copies of my book to hold the second I arrive in Seattle?

Time for a celebratory margarita!

Yours in extreme happiness,